Co-parenting kids who have behavioral, social/emotional or academic challenges requires consideration of many variables which are often difficult to communicate about with an ex-spouse.  These delicate situations often give rise to high conflict communication since there is a strong tendency for many to finger point, shame and resist collaboration with the other parent. 

While all children deserve a collaborative, respectful co-parenting approach, there are few instances in which this is more critical than when dealing with kids who have special needs.  Navigating the complex world of evaluation, diagnosis, treatment plans, and the myriad therapies available to a child is overwhelming even for an intact family with parents who cooperate and communicate well. 

Introducing these considerations into a tense and sometimes volatile relationship presents a set of challenges that can cause serious repercussions for the child who needs both parents working together to meet his or her unique needs.  There is a path forward, however, if both parents commit to the following:  Nothing is more important than alignment when co-parenting a child with special needs.  I’ve created a roadmap for co-parents who are interested in taking this first and most critical step in supporting their child. 

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