Educational Consulting

Family Therapy

Working together with parents and children to effect behavior change.

Behavior Therapy

One-on-one therapy services focusing exclusively on your child.

Co-Parent Coaching

Collaborating with co-parents to skillfully support your child.

Educational Consulting

Working with schools to develop Individualized Education Plans.

What is Educational Consulting?

An understanding of the interplay between behavior and academic challenges is essential.

Children with special needs frequently deal with both learning disabilities and behavior challenges that combine to affect the pace of social, emotional and academic development. Since behavioral and academic challenges often go hand-in-hand, working with a professional who understands the complexities of both behavior and academics is essential. Once barriers to learning and social-emotional success are understood, which may require psychological evaluation, Chris is uniquely positioned to develop and execute a learning plan and “behavior blueprint” . She can then guide parents, classroom teachers and other caregivers in the respective roles they play in implementing the overall strategy. Her methodology involves a continuous feedback loop where professional evaluation is interpreted for parents and educators, academic progress is measured and learning plans are revised.

The consulting process may include:

Determining if a full psycho-educational evaluation is necessary

Identifying best evaluation professionals and appropriate timeline for assessment

Preparing the child for what to expect and how to navigate the evaluation process

Interpreting evaluation results

Generation of a treatment plan or “behavior blueprint”

Identifying the most appropriate academic setting for your child

Collaboration with teachers to ensure optimal strategies are in place and consistent between home and school; troubleshooting with school staff when behavior problems arise

Evaluating a child’s Individualized Educational Plan to ensure appropriate goals are in place and being measured accurately

Targeted parent/co-parent training for Orton-Gillingham programs treating dyslexia

Our Approach

The Precision Parenting process involves identifying: the function of your child’s behavior, lagging skills contributing to the behavior and strategies and techniques to teach more appropriate replacements.

You have many choices in selecting a behavioral professional to address the needs of your child.  If your objective is to find effective, uncompromising, results-oriented approaches that are delivered with compassion…you have found the source.

How It Works

Schedule a Jump Start

Take a deep dive with Chris to get to the core of your child’s roadblocks.  


Review Coaching Plan

After your initial consultation, we will develop a blueprint tailored to your child’s needs.

Reach Your Goals

Commit to a program that will put your family on the road to growth and change.

Jump Start Consultation

Get to the core of your child’s roadblocks.  Every child and family has specific needs.  In this initial one-on-one consultation, we will get to the core of your child’s roadblocks.  We will develop a plan perfectly tailored to your child’s needs.

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