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A Different Approach to Family Therapy

Therapy & Coaching

Chris is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst providing family & behavior therapy, co-parent coaching & educational services nationwide.

Legal Expert Witness

Chris provides expert opinion in matters where disputes exist between co-parents of children with special needs.

Family Therapy

Working together with parents and children to effect behavior change.

Behavior Therapy

One-on-one therapy services focusing exclusively on your child.

Co-Parent Coaching

Collaborating with co-parents to skillfully support your child.

Educational Consulting

Working with schools to develop Individualized Education Plans.

What Is Precision Parenting?

At Precision Parenting, we believe that behavior change is attainable and parents and caregivers can learn to skillfully direct the process. Simply put, your child’s behavior change really does start with you. Our objective is to train all of the central players in your child’s life, with the understanding that behavior change occurs in the natural environment and not in the therapy office.  We offer services in office, home and school settings.  Interventions are selected based on our comprehensive understanding of behavioral science, more formally known as Applied Behavior Analysis.

We recognize that the needs of every child and family situation are unique and require customized support plans. This leaves no room for one-size-fits-all solutions.

Our Approach

Central to the Precision Parenting approach is an abiding belief that your child’s behavior serves a purpose, more commonly referred to as the function of behavior. In order to change a behavior, we must systematically address the following: 

Specifically what your child is doing that is so problematic

Precisely why your child is engaging in that behavior

Exactly what your child should be doing instead

The goal of Precision Parenting is to equip the individuals in your child’s life with the most effective tools and strategies known in behavioral science to effect long-term behavior change. If you are ready to work 1:1 with a results-driven Behavior Analyst & Special Educator, you’ve come to the right place.

Commonly Addressed Roadblocks

Most roadblocks in your child’s way will require parental involvement in the family therapy program.  Listed are some of our most commonly seen diagnoses, however, we support a wide range of issues confronting children and families.  Click on the appropriate diagnosis to explore the relevant sections of this website and learn more about the best approach for your family.

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Jump Start Evaluation

Get to the core of your child’s roadblocks.

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Every child and family has specific needs.  In this initial one-on-one consultation, we will get to the core of your child’s roadblocks.  We will develop a plan perfectly tailored to your child’s needs.

Exploratory Call

Not sure if this is right for you, speak with Chris.

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Not sure if this is right for you, speak with Chris about your family situation and learn more about the process during a 30 minute exploratory call.

Expert Witness Consult

A dedicated expert witness is critical to your case.

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A dedicated expert witness is critical to your case.  Family court disputes are high stakes, and can have a lasting impact on you and your child.

Have a 90 minute call with Chris to discuss the details of your case and create a success plan.

About Chris

For over 20 years, Chris has perfected the process of producing meaningful change for children and adolescents with behavior and learning challenges. Her methods significantly change the lives of families whose children have special needs. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who provides families with a unique array of consulting services that are designed to empower parents.

She is also a mother of two who truly understands. Interested in learning more about her experience? Take a peek below


“I have met two child whisperers in my lifetime: My mother and Chris Messina.”

“She has brought our family back together through educating us, breaking through barriers and identifying a path forward for peace in our home.”

“I thank my lucky stars as often as I can that Chris came into our life—it is so different now than it was a year ago, and that is largely thanks to her.”

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