It's not about perfection. It's about precision.

What is Precision Parenting?

If you want your child’s behavior to change, it is essential that you understand why the behavior is occurring in the first place.  It may seem that behavior occurs “out of the blue” when, in reality, it serves a very specific purpose for your child. At Precision Parenting, we believe that behavior change is attainable and parents and caregivers can learn to skillfully direct the process.

Precision Parenting Behavioral Analyst

Simply put, your child’s behavior change really does start with you. Our objective is to train all of the central players in your child’s life, with the understanding that behavior change occurs in the natural environment and not in the therapy office.  We offer wrap-around services in office, home and school settings.  Interventions are selected based on our comprehensive understanding of behavioral science, more formally known as Applied Behavior Analysis.

We recognize that the needs of every child and family situation are unique and require customized support plans. This leaves no room for one-size-fits-all solutions.

The Precision Parenting process involves identifying: the function of your child’s behavior, lagging skills contributing to the behavior and strategies and techniques to teach more appropriate replacements.

You have many choices in selecting a behavioral professional to address the needs of your child.  If your objective is to find effective, uncompromising, results-oriented approaches that are delivered with compassion…you have found the source.

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Jenna F.

Chris changed my child’s life

Chris has a deep and thorough understanding of developmental differences and the tools that can help a child overcome them. Read full testimonial “Chris changed my child’s life”

Jane A., Portland

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Nicole C. Washougal, WA

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Evelyn S.

A Child Whisperer

I have met two child whisperers in my lifetime: My mother and Chris Messina. Read full testimonial “A Child Whisperer”

M. Darabi

Collaboration With Divorced Parents

Chris creates a safe environment where participants feel comfortable sharing, and hearing, each other’s perspectives. Read full testimonial “Collaboration With Divorced Parents”

Angela A. Portland, OR

Thanking My Lucky Stars that Chris Came Into Our Life

Chris helped put systems in place in our home that ultimately changed some pretty destructive, devastating and explosive behavior. Read full testimonial “Thanking My Lucky Stars that Chris Came Into Our Life”

Sara B.

Illogical becomes logical and impossible becomes possible

Chris is the ultimate coach and team leader who communicates effectively and efficiently with the student, family, school and all other team members. Read full testimonial “Illogical becomes logical and impossible becomes possible”

Registered Nurse, Portland, OR
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