Co-Parent Coaching

Family Therapy

Working together with parents and children to effect behavior change.

Behavior Therapy

One-on-one therapy services focusing exclusively on your child.

Co-Parent Coaching

Collaborating with co-parents to skillfully support your child.

Educational Consulting

Working with schools to develop Individualized Education Plans.

What is Co-parent Coaching?

Parental alignment is critical when raising a child with special needs.

Parenting a child with special needs can feel incredibly challenging. Co-parenting a child with special needs between two households can feel insurmountable. A co-parenting coach with a comprehensive background in the treatment of Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities and related disorders is a vital player in the post-divorce re-structuring process.

The structure that a divorce breaks apart for a child can be re-built through strong and collaborative co-parenting. The need for this structure and consistency is exceedingly important when trying to manage the behavior and learning needs of children who struggle. When parents commit to working together while living apart, the benefits to children are vast.

Disagreements over which parenting strategies should be implemented for children with special needs is often a source of conflict between co-parents. Recruiting the support of an expert can mitigate the conflict and ease stress for both parents, allowing each to remain child-centered.

Divorce may signal the end of an intimate relationship for adults but not the end of a family unit for children. Co-parenting after divorce is an obligation. Doing so respectfully and collaboratively is a choice.


In the coaching model, you are held accountable for the goals that you have set during sessions. Coaching focuses not on the challenges of your past relationship but on developing a NEW relationship for your children.

Most commonly addressed during this process:

Developing shared understanding of child's roadblocks

Consistent use of strategies between homes

Assessing efficacy of implemented strategies

Collaborative problem solving

Our Approach

The Precision Parenting process involves identifying: the function of your child’s behavior, lagging skills contributing to the behavior and strategies and techniques to teach more appropriate replacements.

You have many choices in selecting a behavioral professional to address the needs of your child.  If your objective is to find effective, uncompromising, results-oriented approaches that are delivered with compassion…you have found the source.

How It Works

Schedule a Jump Start

Take a deep dive with Chris to get to the core of your child’s roadblocks.  


Review Coaching Plan

After your initial consultation, we will develop a blueprint tailored to your child’s needs.

Reach Your Goals

Commit to a program that will put your family on the road to growth and change.

Jump Start Consultation

Get to the core of your child’s roadblocks.  Every child and family has specific needs.  In this initial one-on-one consultation, we will get to the core of your child’s roadblocks.  We will develop a plan perfectly tailored to your child’s needs.

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