Chris came into our world when it seemed to be falling apart: it was late winter and my child had just been asked to leave the school that he had attended successfully for 2 prior years. We had worked with many outstanding professionals up to that point, but Chris was the first person who genuinely and authentically connected with and understood him. He felt this connection immediately and in between appointments would always ask when he would see her next. He now sees her less, and he really treasures this time. Recently, we were considering a short family trip and he said “we cannot cancel my appointment with Chris this weekend. I don’t mind missing anything else, but I am going to see Chris Messina!”

Chris helped put systems in place in our home that ultimately changed some pretty destructive, devastating and explosive behavior. She met with my husband and I at times that were convenient, doing a wonderful job of listening and pushing us to dig deeper. She gave us resources that produced change in my son, and she worked very well with our child’s aid and school. I thank my lucky stars as often as I can that Chris came into our life—it is so different now than it was a year ago, and that is largely thanks to her.