My adolescent daughter and son have challenges in managing their emotions and behavior and divide their time between their father’s and my house. Chris was able to collaborate with divorced parents and adolescents with special needs to address challenges, offer solutions and monitor progress. We have seen many psychiatrists and therapists over the years, but Chris Messina was the first to work in the trenches with our family, instead of just providing advice from their office. She creates a safe environment where participants feel comfortable sharing, and hearing, each other’s perspectives.

Chris’s problem solving skills are focused on highly-individualized solutions that work for both parents and children. If strategies are not working, the data will show that, and she will work with you to find another solution. You are done feeling alone when you choose to work with Chris. She is there to support you to the extent you want or need and I  have since referred her to other parents. You will not be disappointed in your decision to work with Chris Messina!