I cannot emphasize enough how Chris changed my child’s life and the course of his academic career. My son was diagnosed with severe dysgraphia and other learning differences in 2nd grade. By Middle School, he was falling behind classmates and was having a hard time not just with writing but also with organizing and prioritizing his homework (executive function). A friend recommended Chris during the summer between 6th & 7th grade. He worked with Chris from 7th grade through 9th grade. He dramatically improved in academic performance, confidence, and attitude towards areas of academic challenge.

Chris has a deep and thorough understanding of developmental differences and the tools that can help a child overcome them. Our son learned new ways to approach his work, how to advocate for himself and ask questions, and how to approach his work with patience and confidence. Chris was understanding, patient, consistent, and organized in how she approached our son’s needs. She was also really engaging and fun. He looked forward to every meeting that they had. She was also proactive in contacting teachers at his school in advance of any issues, worked with his teachers on areas where he needed extra help, and was especially thorough at keeping the teachers in the loop on our son’s progress. I’ve recommended Chris to many friends and so has our son. She is the best.